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Hit the Hawaiian theme Party with Aloha Shirts

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Going to attend a Hawaiian themed party for the first time? Don’t know what to wear for the party?

For hula girls, wearing grass skirt is a better choice. It is imperative to add leis around you neck and wrists and hair as well. You also go for coconut shell top for a more complex costume in the Hawaiian theme party. You can use accessories i.e. ukulele, seashell necklaces, or dancing aids etc.

Big kahuna include people i.e. priests, doctors and other professionalists. Kahuna costume is preferred by people not only to re-create an authentic character but also to present a unique image like medical professionalists or village chieftain. You can wear a green colored grass skirt. And also add wrist cuffs and necklace made with beads. You can try ceremonial mask with your costume. These are hand-made or can be bought ready-made. Aloha wear is preferred not by Hawaiians only but also by people of other states.

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Tips to Identify Vintage Aloha Shirt

Hawaiian people usually love surfing the most. You can wear surf shorts, flip-flops and a surfboard for surfing. If you have planned for beach Hawaiian party with surfing activities, you can utilize a body board or child’s surfboard. It can be used for all water activities or to seat in a beach.

If it’s a less casual party, an Aloha shirt over khaki or white pants is perfect for men. For women, a Hawaiian-print tropical dress is well-suited. Make your outfit more festive by wearing flower lei around your neck.

If you are comfortable exposing your body then you can go for Haka Warrior Hunk. In order to expose your bare chest, be sure you have good-looking muscles. Being a girl, choose to wear either a hula skirt or a tropical sarong. You can also get some tribal tattoos on your arm to look stylish in every way. For a perfect Hawaiian look, wearing Hawaiian shirt can offer you great looks. Choose the classic aloha shirt to wear at the party.

The good news for Hawaiian themed party goers nowadays is that it is not hard to find Hawaiian theme party costumes. Instead of specialty costume shops, you can browse internet. Online retailers not only offer quality products but also offer special deals and discounts for you. Take the time and browse different online stores to check and compare different costumes at available stores to wear for the occasion.

Avanti Designs is a popular online store offering top quality aloha shirts and dresses at addicted prices, deals and discounts. So, shop aloha costumes for Hawaiian themed party with confidence! Hawaiian shirts for men, women and kids! All at best prices! No compromise with material or quality!





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