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Vintage Hawaiian Shirts – What are they and how were they orignated??


Vintage Hawaii shirts are a symbol of artwork, Hawaii history and diversity. Native Hawaiians and immigrants contributed towards the manufacturing of Hawaiian shirt or Aloha shirt. Vintage Hawaiian shirts represent style and Hawaiian culture because of the artwork, cultural stores and Hawaiian diversity. Vintage Aloha shirts are ideal for hot weather, beaches and islands. These shirts were originated in Hawaii. There are different styles, colors, patterns and designs available for quality Hawaiian shirts. Men’s Hawaii Shirts are perfect for both men and women.

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Vintage Hawaiian shirts have intricate buttons made from coconut, shell or metal. These shirts must never be machine washed or dried. Vintage Hawaii shirts are of two types: the ones that are available in vibrant colors and bold patterns and the others that are available in traditional styles, prints and muted colors. These shirts are made in Hawaii. Vintage Hawaii shirts were manufactured in the 19th century and introduced by a Japanese tailor living on the beaches and islands. These shirts were available in huge amount in the 30s where they were famous among surfers, tourists and locals.

Authentic Vintage Aloha shirts may be found on the Hawaiian Islands and beaches and by stores throughout the United States. For tourists visiting the beaches, it’s a wonderful opportunity to bring a unique style and comfort. Online shopping has made it easy to purchase authentic Men’s Hawaiian Shirt possible for anyone.

These shirts have been a fashion statement for summer wardrobes. Vintage Hawaii shirts are more expensive than other patterns of shirts but they have fine texture and quality. Vintage shirts and dresses have a solid niche in the fashion industry.

General Features of Vintage Hawaiian Shirts:

  • In all vintage Hawaii shirts, buttons are generally horizontal
  • The collars of the Vintage Hawaiian shirt are like two-way collars
  • Another feature to show this shirt is the stitching on the arm and side seams

At Avanti Designs, we stock vintage Aloha shirts having stylish buttons and pockets.

  • Collar Loops
  • Coconut Buttons
  • Horizontal Button Holes
  • “Made In Hawaii” Labels
  • Carefully constructed with pattern alignment at the chest pocket
  • Made from rayon or traditional bark cloth

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There are numerous online apparel stores providing quality Hawaiian shirts and dresses. At Avanti Designs, you can find different styles, prints and colors of Hawaiian shirts. These shirts are popular among men, women and kids. Shop online at our apparel store for quality vintage aloha shirts! Buy Vintage Hawaiian shirts to embrace your style and comfort!




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