Aloha Shirts

How to Take Care of Hawaiian Shirts??

Taking care of special Hawaii shirts and other apparels can be challenging. Here is a list of how to wash your clothes based on the type of material:

take care of printed aloha shirt


  • Elastic and breathable! These shirts are able to tolerate high temperature. Easily washable but prone to dyes and colors!
  • Ironing a cotton Aloha shirt can keep it crisp and keep it away from tangles
  • Ironing your shirt on low heat can give it a crisp look and remove wrinkles fast
  • It is imperative to store your Hawaiian cotton shirt in a cool and dry place
  • Cotton Hawaii shirt may shrink after washing


  • Rayon Hawaii shirts are renown for their comfortable and breathable behavior
  • These shirts are generally worn in a comfortable fit. This material is sensitive to heat, so it is recommended to iron rayon shirts on low settings
  • Don’t bleach your Rayon Hawaiian Shirt
  • Soaking for long periods of time will cause the rayon material to shrink
  • Iron on very little heat to get rid of small wrinkles
  • Dresses should be dry-cleaned, and never machine washed

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  • The material is highly solid and of crispy texture. Not breathable! Ability to generate vivid colors! Highly sensitive to heat and strong detergents! Avoid using detergents containing bleach. Advisable to iron on low heat to remove wrinkles!
  • Avoid the use of strong laundry detergents or high-drying temperatures, otherwise it can cause fading to tropical shirts


  • Velvet has a delicate vibe, is water repellent, has an unmistakable and perfect sparkle, and window hangings carefully. This material is a decent decision for gatherings and exhibitions, with its extravagant and shocking appearance. Velvet is additionally known for its water-repellency; however note it will diminish in time.
  • Dry-cleaning is the best strategy to cleaning this material; kindly doesn’t machine wash or dry.
  • If it’s not too much trouble counsel with a dry-cleaner in the event that they give water-repellent completing services.

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  • Silk is delicate to the touch, breathable, and has a spectacular sheen, very rare and prized. In spite of the fact that the material is flawless, silk is extremely hard to administer to, therefore dry-cleaning is very prescribed, as watching over silk articles of clothing the same as cotton will without a doubt ruin it.
  • Dry-cleaning is the best way of cleaning this material; machine washing is extremely dangerous and not suggested unless under cautious watch with cool water on tender cycle.


  • Materials mixed with spandex are for the most part has flexibility, and is agreeable to wear. Spandex mixes don’t wrinkle effectively, yet is defenseless against warmth, so pressing and steaming ought to be set at a low temperature
  • Washing with unbiased cleanser is suggested
  • Spandex is for the most part helpless to daylight, so hang-drying is the best alternative.
  • Staining might happen when utilizing cleansers or dye including chlorine

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