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Important Things to Know About Hawaii

Hawaii is an exciting state located in Oceanea. This beautiful state has natural scenery, warm climate, beaches, oceans and active volcanoes attracting tourists, surfers, biologists, and volcanologists. In this article we are highlighting the specialties of Hawaiian state.

Hawaii Wedding: Couples prefer to plan Hawaiian destination wedding as Hawaii has gorgeous weather, world-class beaches and classic mountains. This beautiful and exciting state has wide range of eye-catching deserts, rainforests, and snow-capped mountains that impress guests. Today most of the couples choose to plan beach wedding in Hawaii. The major reason that beach Hawaii weddings are awesome is that they are set under the backdrop of unrestrained nature.

Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Pineapple: Hawaiian state is renowned for its pineapple production. This fruit is delicious and is known for its sweet taste. This fruit was first known as “anana” meaning excellent fruit. Hawaiians named it “halakahiki” which implies foreign fruit. Pineapple has its origins in Paraguay or Brazil. It is believed that this fruit was first arrived in Hawaii in 1527.

Hawaii Pineapple

Hawaii Spam: Spam was first introduced in 1937. Spam is very popular throughout Hawaii and is named as “Hawaiian steak”. It is a beloved comfort food and favorite snack for Hawaiians. Its main ingredients include pork shoulder meat, with ham meat added, salt, water, and modified potato starch, sugar, and sodium nitrite in the form of preservative.

Hawaii Spam

Hawaii Dresses and Hawaiian Shirts: Hawaiians love to wear Hawaiian shirts and dresses. There are numerous stores available to provide classic Hawaiian shirts and dresses. At online apparel stores, you can find awesome collection Men’s Hawaiian Shirts and Women’s Hawaiian Dresses for everyone who wants to feel the real spirit of Hawaii.

Screenshot - 1_18_2016 , 12_27_54 AM

Merrie Monarch: It is a cultural festival that is celebrated every year in Hawaii. This festival takes place to continue, defend, and promote the art of hula and the Hawaiian culture through education.

Merrie Monarch Hawaii

Hawaiian Akua: Akua are worshipped by Hawaiians and Polynesians. They are Gods that possess superhuman physical attributes. They are true immortals who are immune to all terrestrial diseases and are resistant to injury. Akua had given different names by different human worshippers.

Hawaiian Akua

Aloha Spirit State Law: The Aloha Spirit State Law is a law in Hawaii. It is a philosophy of Hawaiians. This law will never get you in trouble if you break it. The major objective of this law is to give out as a reminder to officials while they are performing their responsibilities to treat people with great care and respect.

Aloha Spirit State Law

Origin of the Shaka: The shaka sign is a gesture linked with Hawaiian culture. It includes extending thumb and small finger by holding the three middle fingers curled. This sign was taken from Hawaiian culture by visiting surfers in the year 1960.

Origin of the Shaka

So, Hawaii is a state with great history and perfect culture and customs. This state is renowned for its quality Aloha shirts and dresses, pineapple, merrie monarch festival and many more.


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