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Hawaiian Party Costumes and Makeup Ideas to Know

Are you throwing a party? Picking a Hawaiian theme? That’s great! There a lot of things and ideas that you can keep in your mind while getting ready for Hawaiian-themed party. We have compiled a few costume and makeup ideas that you can consider to put yourself in festive mood and to add fun and excitement in the party.


For the Ladies

•    Grass skirt
•    Hawaiian Aloha Dresses
•    Flip flops, high heels or sandals
•    Flower over head
•    Lei or leis to wear as a bracelet
•    Headband
•    Aloha sundress or muumuu-style dress in floral colors or patterns
•    Leis around neck
•    Sarong as a skirt
•    Halter top in a floral color or print

For the Men

•    Loose fitting Men’s Hawaiian Shirts
•    Shorts
•    Sandals, flip flops or shoes
•    Cool hat
•    Sunglasses
•    Lei

Want to attain the look of Haka Warrior Hunk? Consider the following costume and makeup ideas to hit the party by looking like Haka Warrior Hunk.

•    Bare chest
•    Spear stick
•    Green lei around arms, ankles and over head
•    Tattoos on biceps
•    Get some instant tanning solution
•    Colored contact lenses like green or blue

Hey Ladies, Wearing an outfit is not enough to rock the party! So, we have discussed few Hawaiian Luau Makeup Ideas.

•    It is advisable to add some cool and classic Hawaiian makeup. You can wear shades to look cool and classy in the party
•    Remember to use eyeliner and mascara to have a shiny and attractive eyes for the party
•    Put bright lipstick to rock the Hawaiian night party
•    You can watch eye makeup videos to get more and more ideas to look great in the Hawaiian-themed party

Have you heard about face painting? Isn’t it interesting? Here are a few ideas for Face Painting at your Hawaiian-themed party:

•    Make sure that you use hypoallergenic paints for face painting
•    It is great to use delicious fruits of Hawaii i.e. pineapples, coconut and bananas.
•    Be sure to use tropical flowers including orchids, plumeria, hibiscus and bird of paradise. It is also great to paint a small palm tree on a person.
•    Sea creatures are fun and exciting. Some of the popular sea creatures are crab, seahorse, dolphin, whales, turtle, seals, Geckos, parrots, sand dollars, shells and starfish.
•    It is obvious that kids love face paintings so you can do it for fun and excitement or as a part of your Halloween costume.

Nothing says summer like a Hawaiian-themed party. As the hot sun starts beating, you can wear Aloha shirts or dresses to look cool and comfortable in the party. Don’t forget to consider the above costume and makeup ideas!


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