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Why Pack Something Else When the Hawaiian Shirt is All you Need?

Planning a week off from your busy schedule or a family/friends vacation to the beaches queen HAWAII? Then you have directly come to the right place. Obviously it’s a vacation and not a board meeting so dressing up should be more casual and you need not be dressed as if your personality is going to be judged by your dressing sense. Your clothes should be as cool as possible so as to provide you the best feeling of a stress free vacation and when the destination is Hawaii one clothing factor that is a sure-sure must is the Hawaiian Shirt.


While packing for a vacation to Hawaii, it is necessary to dress up in the way the native people dress up so that you don’t carry an odd look or look out of sense. The Native people in Hawaii have been wearing these highly bold printing Hawaiian Shirts as a part of their culture alongside with that these Hawaiian Shirts are functionally made to prevent the harmful UV rays of the sun to effect the skin. These Men Hawaiian shirts have been evolved over time as one can distinguish clearly between the Vintage Hawaii Shirt and the evolved Hawaiian Shirts. These Vintage Hawaii Shirts have a unique identification that these were made out of simple pressed cotton and were stitched straight and horizontal and the buttons that were used were either sea shells, metal balls or carved wood. The Prints of these Vintage Hawaii Shirts were bold and used a variety of colours to justify with the environment of the place. Aloha Shirts as what we can call them in the Hawaiian language, represents the inner harmony and peace a person feels after seeing the beauty of Hawaii.

The beauty of these Hawaiian Shirt is the print itself, that differs from the very basic short flowers and pine trees, coconut flower patterns to the very bright and big patterned flowers, leaves and branches and also they have been evolutionized to small beer bottle prints to those of the martinis, and other alcohol prints and patterns. Wearing these Hawaiian Shirt won’t make you look un-masculine but rather makes you look more attractive as these can be wore for formal as well as informal purposes. These short sleeves Aloha Shirts are worn by the native people as this is their true lifestyle depicting the nature’s beauty abundance along with respecting their long lived culture and art style.

Tips for packing while travelling to Hawaii

• Do not over pack yourself, to bear an extra expense for luggage at the airport. Just pack some essential toiletries for sure. While discussing about clothing carrying 3-4 pair of shorts and trousers would be best.

• Talking about shirts don’t feel hesitant of carrying 1-2 formal shirts rest the Hawaii island welcomes you to buy in from here the original Hawaiian Shirt. Though many Hawaiian shirts are available online that are available at cheaper prices and good quality material.

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• Do not forget to carry your flotters, sandles to provide easy comfortable walk at the beaches. For night parties carry formal shoes would also do good if casual flotters is something you don’t want to wear.

• Preparing clothes combinations before hand is a must. It is important to carry summer coloured pants rather than the usual black. Try on colours like Nude Shades shorts or vibrant vine colour and must to carry is something in the colour white as reflects the heat.

• Do not carry tight ill-fitted or heavy shirts or tank tops and most importantly do not forget to carry your swim suit which you need after getting clicked with the sea turtles. Do remember to carry high SPF sun tan lotions/creams as the area being at the costal region offers variety of sun exposures that might even burn your skin.

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• Do carry good amount of in-hand money with you as it is not always easy to locate a financial institute to assist you at the island.

Your Hawaiian vacation would turn out to be the most memorable or as we can say Aloha one. You just need to take care of the ever changing weather and therefore plan your luggage accordingly and not to forget to put in your bag the much talked about Hawaiian Shirt and feel relaxed and fall in love with the beaches island. Give yourself the most cut out stylish look with the Hawaiian Shirt while even being on a vacation.


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